Inbox by Gmail - Manage your Gmail Inbox easily

Inbox by Gmail - Manage your Gmail inbox easier. Inbox was built by Google with Gmail to help you see, search, and classify emails.
Inbox is a service as well as Gmail of Google with a more friendly, orderly, and comfortable organization.You can use a combination of Inbox and Gmail, or just Gmail or Inbox.

What is Inbox?

Inbox is a service designed by Google to provide you with a more organized mailbox, easy to find more important emails. Everything from Gmail (email, contacts, and labels) is all in Gmail Inbox because they're in sync.

How to use Inbox?

- Use Inbox on a web browser (Need to activate Inbox on a mobile device first)
- Use Inbox on Android (download app)
- Use Inbox on IOS (download app)
Note: Sign in to Inbox using your Gmail account

Some photos of Inbox:

Compare features on Inbox and Gmail

  • The same and similar tasks
  • Actions on Inbox will affect Gmail
  • Settings in Gmail will switch to Inbox
  • Gmail features are not included in Inbox

Common Questions

1. How does Inbox work with Gmail?

Gmail and Inbox are synchronized, so any changes you make to Gmail will be applied directly to Inbox.

2. Sign In Inbox with a Google Account?

Right. You can use a Google Account (also known as a Gmail account) to sign in to Inbox.

3. Inbox and Gmail are different?

Although Gmail and Inbox have many same features, there are some differences. For example, the Inbox reminders will not be available on Gmail, some settings you can only do on Gmail: auto-reply to messages, send mail with a different address ...

Try this Inbox service to see if it's worth replacing Gmail!


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