Gmail sign up - How to create new a Gmail account

Like creating a new account in hotmail, signing in and creating a new account in Gmail is very simple and easy through some following steps:

Step 1: Access to the address in here to start to sign up to Gmail, set up personal Gmail.

Step 2: The next step in gmail sign up is relatively important, you need to follow the steps in right direction. You must read carefully the following data in detail as well as the way to sign up to Gmail.

Setting up personal information for Gmail account, including:

Name: contains your First name and Last name.
Choose your username: fill in Gmail account’s blank you want to create ( get the name of account which is not still created by anyone filled).
Create a password: set up a password you want to make
Confirm your password: identifify again your password you have already  created.
Birthday: fill correctly your date, month  of birth. if your age is under 16 , guarantee  your family permit you sign in Gmail.
Gender:  you have  to choose your gender is male or female.
Mobile phone: fill your number phone with the aim is activate your Gmail. If you enter your phone number many times , you cannot create a new account.
Location: the nation you are  living.
Click “next step" to continue.
Immediately, a insure user table  will  show up, you pull mouse to read and click “ I agree”.
Next, you have to fill your phone number again to identifify with massage.
Immediately, code wil be sent to you to solve and fill them in blank to sign in.

Step 3: when Gmail sign up successfully, click ‘Continue to Gmail’ to get into your Gmail you have already created. This is a account you  have created, in this account has 3 Email in available from Gmail sent to celebrate you are using Gmail.


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