How to Delete All Messages in Gmail

The question here is how to delete all messages in gmail quicklyIn the process of using Gmail you often receive unwanted emails (spam), although you have set up to block spam. The following article will guide you how to quickly delete or delete all email in Gmail.

If you do not use all of the email in your inbox anymore,delete them to reduce the size of Gmail. Here’s how to delete all messages in Gmail quickly.


Step #1Login to gmail account. (If you have not Gmail, sign up here)

Step #2: Click your Inbox, to tick all emails in your Inbox, click as shown below:

Step #3: Next, to delete all messages in Gmail, click on trash icon (picture shown below)

Thus, all those emails will be deleted from your inbox quickly, you do not need to delete in turn each emails. just explained how to delete all messages in Gmail. Deleting all your email in Yahoo also similar. Hopefully this tip will help you a lot during use Gmail service.

Inbox by Gmail - Manage your Gmail Inbox easily

Inbox by Gmail - Manage your Gmail inbox easier. Inbox was built by Google with Gmail to help you see, search, and classify emails.
Inbox is a service as well as Gmail of Google with a more friendly, orderly, and comfortable organization.You can use a combination of Inbox and Gmail, or just Gmail or Inbox.

What is Inbox?

Inbox is a service designed by Google to provide you with a more organized mailbox, easy to find more important emails. Everything from Gmail (email, contacts, and labels) is all in Gmail Inbox because they're in sync.

How to use Inbox?

- Use Inbox on a web browser (Need to activate Inbox on a mobile device first)
- Use Inbox on Android (download app)
- Use Inbox on IOS (download app)
Note: Sign in to Inbox using your Gmail account

Some photos of Inbox:

Compare features on Inbox and Gmail

  • The same and similar tasks
  • Actions on Inbox will affect Gmail
  • Settings in Gmail will switch to Inbox
  • Gmail features are not included in Inbox

Common Questions

1. How does Inbox work with Gmail?

Gmail and Inbox are synchronized, so any changes you make to Gmail will be applied directly to Inbox.

2. Sign In Inbox with a Google Account?

Right. You can use a Google Account (also known as a Gmail account) to sign in to Inbox.

3. Inbox and Gmail are different?

Although Gmail and Inbox have many same features, there are some differences. For example, the Inbox reminders will not be available on Gmail, some settings you can only do on Gmail: auto-reply to messages, send mail with a different address ...

Try this Inbox service to see if it's worth replacing Gmail!

How to Create a Signature in Gmail

How to create a signature in an outgoing mail with Gmail. You can use your name, address, job title, phone number ... as a signature in your outgoing mail with Gmail.

Signature in Gmail is like a card visit to help the recipient know your name, address, phone number, title. And your email will be professional in the eyes of the recipient.

Do you want to create a Gmailsignature? See instructions below.

If you don't have a gmail account, please see the gmail sign up article.

How to create a Gmail signature

Step #1: Login to gmail, then Click on the gear ⚙ icon on the top right corner of the screen and select “Settings”.

Or you access the following link:

Step #2: Select the General tab, scroll down the signature, check the box below the "No signature
" box as shown below and enter the signature you want to create in the edit box.

Note: In the edit box, you can customize the signature easily with the toolbar just above it.

Step #3: Pull down the bottom select Save Changes.

If you do not want to use the signature in your outgoing mail with Gmail anymore, go back to step 2 and enter the No Signature line.

Gmail sign up - How to create new a Gmail account

Like creating a new account in hotmail, signing in and creating a new account in Gmail is very simple and easy through some following steps:

Step 1: Access to the address in here to start to sign up to Gmail, set up personal Gmail.

Step 2: The next step in gmail sign up is relatively important, you need to follow the steps in right direction. You must read carefully the following data in detail as well as the way to sign up to Gmail.

Setting up personal information for Gmail account, including:

Name: contains your First name and Last name.
Choose your username: fill in Gmail account’s blank you want to create ( get the name of account which is not still created by anyone filled).
Create a password: set up a password you want to make
Confirm your password: identifify again your password you have already  created.
Birthday: fill correctly your date, month  of birth. if your age is under 16 , guarantee  your family permit you sign in Gmail.
Gender:  you have  to choose your gender is male or female.
Mobile phone: fill your number phone with the aim is activate your Gmail. If you enter your phone number many times , you cannot create a new account.
Location: the nation you are  living.
Click “next step" to continue.
Immediately, a insure user table  will  show up, you pull mouse to read and click “ I agree”.
Next, you have to fill your phone number again to identifify with massage.
Immediately, code wil be sent to you to solve and fill them in blank to sign in.

Step 3: when Gmail sign up successfully, click ‘Continue to Gmail’ to get into your Gmail you have already created. This is a account you  have created, in this account has 3 Email in available from Gmail sent to celebrate you are using Gmail.

Gmail Login - Login

You can sign in to Gmail from a computer or add your account to the Gmail app on your phone or tablet.
Once you’ve logged in, check your email by opening your inbox.
Note: To sign in to Gmail, you must have a Google account, if you do not have an account, please refer to how to create new a gmail account here.

Login to Gmail on the computer

  • On your computer, go to or This will redirect you to the Don’t worry, it is the domain which will direct you to your Gmail inbox.

  • Enter your Google Account username and password.
Please enter exactly your full email address.

Passwords are case sensitive, so please check whether Caps Lock is on before you enter Gmail login password
  • Click on “NEXT” button to come to Gmail Inbox page, where you can manage your Gmail emails.

Tip: If you’re signing in to a public computer, make sure to sign out before leaving the computer.

Login to Gmail on iPhone, iPad

This tutorial shows you how to do this on an iPhone, but the steps are identical on iPad.

Built-in email app on iOS

STEP 1: Go to Settings > Mail > Accounts > Add Account

STEP 2 : Select “Google ™“. Then enter your Gmail email address, password and account’s description.

STEP 3: Select what data if you want to sync with Gmail (your email, contacts, calendars, and reminders). And tap “Save”.

Gmail for iOS

Download or update the latest version of Gmail App
On your iPhone or iPad, open the Gmail app

Tap Sign in button to Manage accounts and then Add account.

Enter your Gmail username and password.

After your account is added, you’ll be signed in to Gmail any time you open the Gmail app.

Sign in to Gmail on Android device

  • Download or update the latest version of Gmail App
  • Open the Gmail App on your Android phone or tablet
  • In the top left, tap Menu , to the right of your username, tap the Down arrow 
  • Tap Add account, select the type of account you want to add

  • Follow the steps on the screen to add your account
  • Once your account is added, you will be signed in to Gmail anytime you open the Gmail app.